Monday, September 10, 2012

Why learn anything?

It's a delight when the denominational magazine I receive (because I'm a member of a particular denomination) produces an article so appropriate for education.

Roger Wiens, a senior scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory is also a member of this denomination.  The article linked to below gives a bit of his personal history and why he has no problem working in a pretty secular field for a pretty secular goal.

We need to keep our brains OPEN, and PLAN to keep on learning. Education isn't just a means to an end as in "I want to be a _______ so I can make lots of money".  Exploration and seeking new knowledge is a kind of worship of God.  God's fingerprints are all over the universe.  We don't worship the fingerprints, we worship the Creator.  The twists, turns, surprises, variety, and magnitude are all meant to get us to open our mouths and say "Oh, my God!  That's AWESOME!"  Seeking new knowledge always opens our brains to think creatively.  It's hard work!

The creativity we learn from the Creator Himself is meant to be turned around to our everyday situation.  How can we make our life better right here?  How can we make the life of our neighbor better?  How can we bring Christ to our world?