Friday, January 1, 2010

No, it isn't going to change, Part 2

In my last entry I said that the reason that education isn't going to change in this country is because the primary reason for schools is not education, but babysitting.

Here's another reason: The secondary purpose for schools is social indoctrination.

Ok, schools indoctrinate, and you should send your kids to the school where they get the social indoctrination you want them to have. But putting the purpose of schools as social indoctrination ahead of education? Well, here's the link:

Yup. You can't be a teacher in our public schools unless you are willing to indoctrinate your students towards certain ideals.

It's one of the reasons I can't teach K-12 anymore. It's perhaps even more pervasive in the colleges and universities, but at least you get to CHOOSE which indoctrination you want to have when you pick one of those.

This is a huge argument for school choice, and explanation for why there isn't much. The educationists want YOU to become one of their disciples for the kind of social change they want to have happen. They will battle for mandatory public schools.

And they don't care about your education.